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Gawain has launched a crowdfunding program to complete a project to protect women from rape.

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

TOKYO, July/21/2022

Gawain has launched a crowdfunding program at Milaap to complete a project to protect women from rape.Gawain had the invention of the world's first rape prevention method to end rape for women and girls who live in slums.

This heinous crime is still depriving tens of thousands of women of their future every year, but there are no effective methods in this world yet. With innovative and practical methods never seen before, we will save these women and girls and regain their will.

In India, 28,046 women are victims of rape in 2020, which means that approximately 80 women get raped every day. An NCRB report says 99.1% of rape crimes go unreported, meaning the truth is much worse. Significantly, the number of reported rapes of low-caste women like Dalits has increased by 50% from 2014 to 2019, despite the gradual decline in the number of reported rapes. These women are exposed to dangerous situations with no physical means of protecting themselves, such as surveillance cameras, night lighting, or sturdy door locks. According to reports from the Delhi Police, more than 98% of the reported rape crimes were committed by someone acquainted with the victim, and most of them were committed indoors. There is an urgent need to develop methods to prevent and interrupt indoor rape to protect the physical and mental safety of women and children living in slums.

The CSD Method, a rape prevention method we have spent three years developing specifically for slums, will be installed in each slum in Delhi. This stands for "Community self-defense" and is an organized method of self-defense using a personal alarm, based on the concept of "Band together." This is designed to be as simple and affordable as possible to be implemented by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The CSD method consists of four simple steps.

1. Distribution: Gathered women living in the slums and distributed personal alarms to mothers in each household. We teach them how to use it and what the alarm sounds like and pledge that everyone who hears the alarm will rush to the scene.

2. Sound: The most common place for rape crimes is indoors. Place it in an obvious place in your house. Hold it in your hand as soon as you feel danger, and sound the alarm in case of emergency. The alarm can be taken out of the house at the mother's judgment when going out at night etc.

3. Unite: Everyone who hears the alarm will rush to the scene. Ideally, the offender should escape with only the alarm, but just in case, this is done to interrupt the crime. The greater the sense of unity, the harder it will be to commit crimes there, and the fewer crimes there will be.

4. Improvement: The person who rang it shares what happened, and everyone discusses where it should be placed and when it should be rung. Monthly review sessions are also held to share the updates and discuss best practices.

Cost break-up Total amount required: 6,80,000 INR Total personal alarm bells required: 1000 (One personal alarm bell price: 680 INR)

The organization would use the proposed amount for the fundraiser to buy the personal alarm bells and distribute them to 1000 households in the slums of Delhi. The project has been successfully implemented and is ongoing in three slums of Delhi - Hanuman Camp, Parvatiya Camp, and Ravidas Camp. The organization (Gawain) would look after the project on-ground field implementation and team management to utilize the funds raised to buy personal alarm bells.

This price is the market price and we continue to negotiate with the manufacturer from a CSR perspective in order to be able to purchase the product at a lower price. And this project and impact evaluation will make this negotiation much easier.

Any contribution will be of immense help. Please share this crowdfunding fundraiser link with your friends and family.

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