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You can end rape.

Hundreds of millions of women in slums are living insecurely due to rape and other forms of sexual violence. We've been inventing the rape prevention method since 2019.

Why invention?

For a long time, the United Nations, government officials, and many NGOs have been working on the issue of rape. an effective result. Another issue is that they are difficult to verify. To save the women who are suffering in front of our eyes, we need to invent an alternative intervention immediately.


Our approach

We are developing "environmental interventions", which are to create an environment where criminals won't think of committing crimes at low costs and expect quick effectiveness. You can imagine the developed countries and wealthy residential areas where surveillance cameras are installed throughout the city, Officers patrol regularly, and people live in houses equipped with security systems.

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Could be the first effective solution to prevent rape in a slum. Our method is simple. Thus it is applicable to anyone at any time, and it's affordable. Plus, it effectively works for their living environment so the sounds can carry a long way.


Over 65 million people live in slums in India.Over 1 billion people live in slums or similar environments in developing countries.This means one out of eight people is living in such environments around the world.Our method is adaptable for all of them. 


For the implementation and evaluation, our team is composed of international professionals in each domain. All of our partners are local NGOs, and the foundation is to reach people in slums.

Stories From the Field

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