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We are a nonprofit inventing a rape prevention method for women and girls in a slum.


Masa, Founder and Director of Gawain. He was born in Japan and raised by a single mother. He and two younger brothers don't remember their father's face, they don't even know his name. Their mother was literally everything. They have hardly seen their mother sleeping in bed, and it is simply because she woke up before they did, and went to bed after they did.

That is why he knows the power of a mother. The power of love for their children. Mother is always thinking of their children, and protect them no matter what it costs. He is not glorifying self-sacrifice, but hugely respects for the greatness of mothers. Moreover, the positive impact their life can extend to children, families, community, and offspring. we want to end rape which violates mother's will, and makes this world a better place.

Since Gawain launched in 2019, we have tried and failed numerous times with various ideas and faced countless hardships. The only reason that Masa could go to India without speaking English, but had opportunities to meet involved people, convinced for the project launch without sufficient funds, and damaged by once in a decade hurricane and COVID 19 is because he truly think "if you can change one mother's life, we can change the world”. That is what Gawain believe.

Founder and CEO
Masayoshi Sakurai

Head of Gawain and ZIAI, which is a non-profit AI research and development organization in the area of mental health for the purpose of suicide prevention in Japan. As a leading change-maker, Masa is addressing unsolved human rights issues, and social challenges.


Feb 2019

Foundation of R-DOCTOR.

*Gawain's predecessor

The initial organization "R-DOCTOR" was established for educational purposes in India. As he was exposed to the severe sex crime situation in India, he realized the need for effective crime prevention measures, and it led to the establishment of Gawain.

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Sep 2019

Launch of a joint drone project with the Puri Police in India.

We appeared in the local Indian media and announced the start of


activities to deter sexual crimes, gaining support. The police empathized with the spirits of the representative who is full funding for the project, we got their cooperation to launch the project.Initially, the drone survey was intended for outdoor crime investigation and data collection, however, it shifted to focus on indoor crimes and use the randomized controlled trial (RCT) as it has more serious situations.

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