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Gawain was selected for the "REACH OUT PROJECT" by PoliPoli and the Open Philanthropy Foundation.

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Gawain (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / Representative: Masayoshi Sakurai / hereinafter referred to as "Gawain"), a non-profit organization developing methods to eradicate rape against women in slums, has been selected by PoliPoli Inc. to participate in the "Reach Out Project" a training program to support globally working rule makers, which was launched with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Open Philanthropy Foundation.

What'S Reach Out Project

The Reach Out Project is a rule maker training program that aims to "support rule makers who are active on the global stage. Rule makers are people who participate in the process of creating rules (laws, regulations, etc.) that drives society, and work towards creating and implementing rules that bring medium- and long-term benefits to society. The program is sponsored by Poli Poli Inc. and supported by the Open Philanthropy Foundation, UNERI Corporation, Eisai Inc., and LabBase Corporation, as well as by the New Economy Alliance, the New Public Interest Alliance, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The program features the following.

1.Support for youth organizations working on global issues

Comprehensive support including provision of funds for activities, input on expertise, and entrepreneurship.

2.Support for public relations activities that bring young people together regarding the content and scope of activities.

Support for public relations activities that engage a variety of media and stakeholders and use appealing creativity.

3.Support for implementation of policy proposals

Provides multifaceted support for policy advocacy and policy implementation activities such as the establishment of parliamentary groups, communication with politicians, and the brushing up of policy proposals.

Reach Out Project:

Significance of Gawain participating in the project

In order to achieve Gawain's goal of eradicating rape in slums, each staff member must be empowered to tackle global policy issues. By participating in the Reach Out Project, they will accumulate wisdom and knowledge and build connections with the right people to increase their empowerment. We believe that this will lead to the achievement of the project. The attendees in this project will gain great learning and experience and will be the driving force behind Gawain's projects in the future. We are grateful for this unique opportunity and will work diligently on the program.

About Gawain

Gawain is an Japanese NGO based in India, with a mission to "end rape in slums". We are developing the world's first effective rape prevention program for slum. Rape is one of the crimes with the highest number of unknown cases, so precise statistics are not available. Just in India where Gawain is located, 28,046 women reported harm in 2020, which shows about 80 rapes cases per day ([refer to the NCRB]

Gawain continues to develop/improve community-based methods by directly employing Indian women and building good relationships with women and children living in each slum, without outsourcing to local NGOs. To ensure safety in project implementation, we have formed alliances with local police, and conduct joint research with universities to ensure accurate impact evaluations, and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to advance the project. Regardless of gender, caste, or wealth, we will continue to work on building a "living infrastructure" where everyone can live in peace.

Official website:[]

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